Effects of Climate Change

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The climate change is real and it is undeniable. It has adverse effects on all aspects of life on Earth. One of the most significant ones is the effect on water. Water being wasted, polluted and generally uncared about is one of the major contributing factors to this crisis. A lot of, if not all, of those factors are man-made or man-expedited.

Things like urban planning which does not emphasize on the importance of water preservation are at to blame for the grand water wastage on daily basis. The common culture of wasteful attitude to the water and electricity supply in megalopolises is contributing to hundreds of thousands of liters of water literally uselessly going down the drain.

A general positive water and utilities usage culture should be developed in throughout the population, especially focusing on the young adults as they are the one who are most likely to bring the change to their families. City wide systems of limitation or indication can be implemented to supply a visual trigger as to how much water is being wasted per shower/washing hands or dishes. Such a visual source of information shall provoke responsible and thoughtful attitude and be a recurring reminder of the negative/positive effect personal actions can have.

In effort to reduce water waste cities should be looking into the centralized systems of water treatment and waste water recovery with high recovery rates. Such autonomic systems will not only be excluding the human factor from the task of waste reducing but ensure the precision and safety of the process. TFE Water Systems have conducted extensive research into the ways of urban implementation of such systems and most efficient ways of Zero Chemical Dosing water treatment. This system is capable of treating and delivering clean, harmless water to both cities and rural areas. Find out how via TFE Water Systems.