Harvesting Sunshine

Green energy for the Brighter Future.

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Most South-East Asian countries enjoy up to 250 days of clear bright sunshine a year, which makes the solar energy the most logical and accessible solution in these areas. We are striving to spread the word on the importance of sustainable energy solutions over the conventional methods. Reduced emissions, higher functionality and better user experience, cost efficiency in the long run are just a few benefits.

TFE Energy is committed to contribute in achieving economic and environmental sustainability by mitigating the future global energy crisis.

TFE Energy has developed an infrastructure system for the solar grids, suitable to sustain large scale areas exclusively on the solar power. Visit TFE Energy to discover more.

Besides the Solar solutions, TFE Energy provides more traditional systems of generators, gathering the best knowledge and experience of European and American Energy Generation Giants.

Being deeply involved with the local community, TFE Energy came up with the a unique Biogas Reactor technology, designed to operate at highest efficiency by adjusting required operating parameters. At mesophilic temperature in tropical environment, performance is maintained by using waste tropical biomass like pineapple, jack fruit, banana and similar other waste.

Visit TFEenergy.com to discover more about the sustainable energy and Generator.my for the top notch energy generators of multiple capacities.