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The global clean water shortage is no joke and no secret to anybody. Deeply concerned about the future of water recourses, TFE Water Systems has spent the last decade looking battling the water pollution and deficit with a number of top-notch technologies.

TFE introduced the patented Hybrid membrane desalination process for producing quality potable water at cheaper cost in its Seawater Desalination Plants (DSW).

Membrane bioreactor based potable water production was proven to be highly energy efficient compared to conventional desalination process.

Covering the industrial water treatment issues, TFE Water Systems came up with the IWWR (Industrial Waste Water Treatment) technology, suitable for Textile, Municipal, POME and Tannery use.

IWWR most important Features:

  • Membrane bioreactor based process
  • Site Specific Custom Tailored Solution of any size and capacity
  • Water Recovery ≤ 90%
  • Salt recovery ≤ 96%
  • 5.5 < pH < 7.0
  • Reduces greenhouse gas emission (CO2, NOx, etc.)
  • Operating relatability of over 95%
  • 24/7 operation

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